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LB2000 asphalt batch plant

LB2000 asphalt batch plant

  • Model : LB2000
  • Mixer rated capacity : 2000kg/one batch
  • Overall power : 455~563kw
  • Product performance standards : JT/T 270-2002
  • Environmental noise : ≤85 dB (A)
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LB2000 asphalt batch plant is composed of drying system, Combustion System, Dust Remove & Noise Reduction System, Screening System, Measuring System, Mixing System, Asphalt Heat And Heat Preservation System and Control System.

LB2000 asphalt batch plant design features
Model : LB2000
Mixer rated capacity : 2000kg/one batch
Product performance standards : JT/T 270-2002
Environmental noise : ≤85 dB (A)
Operation method : Automatic control, semi-automatic control, manual control
Overall power : 455~563kw

How does LB2000 asphalt batch plant work?
• preliminary batching of wet rock materials in the feeder unit;
• drying and heating rock materials up to the operating temperature in the drying drum and their feed to the screen of the mixing unit;
• sorting heated rock materials by fractions, batching and their delivery to the mixer;
• three-stage de-dusting the smoke gases going out of the drying drum in the preliminary cleaning system, cyclones of dry de-dusting and in a wet dust catcherscrubber (efficiency of dust catching makes 99.7-99.85% depending on the type of applied materials) or cleaning in bag filters (in this case dust emissions do not exceed 20mg/m3, which is 7 times as efficient as the combined de-dusting system);
• use of the caught dust by its delivery to the dust compartment of the mixer unit bin or to the dust unit bin;
• acceptance of mineral powder from cement trucks, its batching and delivery into the mixer;
• acceptance of bitumen from bitumen truck (or bitumen storehouse), its temporary storage and heating in bitumen tanks up to the operating temperature, batching and feed to the mixer;
• mixture delivery to the dump-truck or its feed by a skip hoist to the ready mixture bin.

LB2000 asphalt batch plant drawing

asphalt plant drawings


LB2000 asphalt batch plant main technical data

No. Item Parameter
1 Name Asphalt Mixing Equipment
2 Model LB2000
3 Mixer rated capacity 2000kg/one batch
4 Product performance standards JT/T 270-2002
5 Rated production capacity 120~160 t/h (Under standard conditions)
6 Relationship of production capacity and mixing time Mixing cycle(S) 45 50 55 60
Production capacity(t/h) 160 144 130 120
7 Static metering accuracy Gravel material ± 0.5%; powder ± 0.25%; asphalt ± 0.2%
8 Bag of dust removal capacity Dust emissions: ≤ 50 mg / Nm3; Ringelmann Black Degree: <1 level
9 Burner Fuel(Diesel or heavy oil); Natural gas; Coal ( choose one from three)
10 Temperature stability Hot aggregate material: ± 5 ℃; finished material discharge: ± 3 ℃
11 Environmental noise ≤85 dB (A)
12 Operation method Automatic control, semi-automatic control, manual control
13 Asphalt tank 50 tons, two units, insulation layer (thickness about 50 mm)
14 Heat-transfer Oil Hot oil furnace, high and low pots, burners, heat pumps, insulation pipelines, independent control
15 Overall dimensions Length: 36 m, width: 33 m, height: 19.5 m
16 Overall power 455~563kw (see the power list)

Packaging Details:

Items are usually wrapped with foam plastics, and then packed in wooden case.

Delivery Detail:

5-6 weeks after receiving the 30% prepayment from the customer.

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